Don't fear mistakes!
But learn from them.

And the good thing is that we won’t make the same mistakes again on your project.

Whatever your project, whatever ideas you have, Make it will be more than a subordinate.
We are entrepreneurs, just as you are, and we will challenge your ideas in order to find valuable solutions and maximise your return on investment.

Our process

How we work

Make it works in an agile and iterative way and helps his customer limit his risks for his attempt to create a new innovative product. We know that the requirements and solutions evolve during the process through a collaborative effort between both parties. This model provides a fast and reactive response to remain flexible during the whole building of the project. Each project is therefore divided in three phases:


During the conceptualisation phase, the team works on the graphic and design of the project. This step leads us to refine and align with you on the final goals. During this phase, in collaboration with you, we will:

Define the scope of the project and align on the features to be built.

Establish the global architecture and the general flow of your project.

Identify risks, because we want to anticipate and leave nothing to chance, and prepare the project environment.

Create the final mock-ups, based on the requirements. That is the first time you will see how your future product will look like.


After your approval of the graphic identity, we can start the development phase during which the team writes all the code to bring the project to life. The work is divided in three workloads:

The code is written.

Testing & Debugging
After each functional piece of code has been written, the results are being tested. This is a two steps testing: automated and manual. We report the bugs and solve them.

Project Management
We work hand in hand with you to reduce inherent project risks by dividing it into smaller segments in order to provide more ease-of-change during the development process.


After the development phase, the product is delivered so that it can be used in a real environment. We need to ensure that the code and the technology are being deployed appropriately. After the delivery of the product, Make it optionally provides maintenance on the long term to have a product that runs at a peak performance while adapting to the environment changes and increasing traffic.

Don't disturb when coding

The Software team

Lead developer

Nicolas Bernier

Back-end developer

Robin Poncin


Sanawar Syed

Front-end developer

Tom Roelants

Front-end & design

Ryan Bormans


Fanny Cochin

Project Manager

Bryan Bogdanic

Project Owner

David Sautois

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